Do you know that our ancestors were alive during the time of the dinosaurs? They were these ferret/dog/rat creatures that lived in complex tunnels that they constructed underground and ate roots?

In the cosmic grand scheme of things, we were underground eating roots last week.

Our skeleton is completely new every three months. We are always “becoming” but having a hard time seeing our lives as fluid, like a river.

Fluidity and groundlessness are characteristics that define our future, as everything continues to dematerialize and move to the cloud.

Accepting this flow will be hard for many, but not for Lizzy. I think its an environment she will thrive in, the feeling of being limitless.

Guillermo Gomez Pena, a performance artist and activist, believes that artists are “border crossers, cultural negotiators and community healers”. I have seen Lizzy’s work do all three of this things.


One of our goals for her internship was to make change and be disruptive and excellent progress was made on both the local and human scale. She made the news, she started critical dialogue in her city, she forced new policies to be written at AS220.

She printed hundreds of posters for protests. These posters became set design at various protest events, were all over social media. In contrast to that hive of activity, her contemplative and visionary sketchbook was featured in a show we curated and installed together. The piece was a moment of rest, healing portal, hung on the wall, with rainbow pages swinging open.

The ability to put both pieces into the world in the same week shows us that is it possible to occupy the spectrum of emotions. Lizzy is constantly seeking out the edges and going right to it.

What makes Lizzy radical is that has the courage to think critically, to vision a future that is fair and based on equality. To be builder who isn’t afraid to tear the whole thing down if she finds a way to be more inclusive.

An organizer who requires an unorganized community where everyone is equal. I am glad she was able to see a model in action at AS220. I have no doubt that Lizzy will build incredible and forward thinking communities wherever she goes.

So thank you Lizzy, you are a rare blend of mischief and responsibility and I look forward seeing what you build.