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Nav bar

  • in index.html, lines 16 – 23
  • styling in style.css, lines 13 – 49

Parallax background image

  • in your parallax.css, line 27
background-image: url(/images/wallpaper.jpg);

Suggest pixel dimension for parallax background image: 1500px wide by 1000px tall, 72dpi

Changing your project preview images

How to change the text styling of your hover effects
  • In the interaction.css, line 37 or line 57 will allow you to change typographic elements, such as color, alignment, point size etc.

In your index.html, change the img src (image source) of each project to be your images. Suggest pixel dimension for project preview images is 768px x 768px, 72dpi

In the style.css, line 101, you can edit or remove the clipping path of each box | Custom clip path maker