heads up display

In this course, we will be collaborating with the Virtual Reality course that meets at the same time as Motion Graphics. We will be acting as a contractor of their game company, VFZYZ. They have brought us on board because of our knowledge with 2D graphics in motion, graphic designer sensibility and skills with typography. Our first collaboration will be to design a HUD (Heads up display) for their chair experience. An HUD is the method by which information is visually relayed to the user as part of a virtual reality user interface.[1]

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Leadership and training

This is a team effort with variable experience levels. In order to ensure group success, the designers with more technical skills must help train other members of the team. Seek help early and often. It is your responsibility to learn the material, manage your time, and self-advocate. Practicing self advocacy will prepare you to work in a collaborative design environment.


It’s the year 2045, the singularity is a matter of historical record and the colonization of Mars has begun. Travel to Mars is still reserved for the wealthy class and massive corporations who have profit margins larger than the GDP of some industrialization nations. However, a more affordable mode of travel to Mars is through virtual reality simulations that are safely hard-wired to the human nervous system. This is the method by which the average person(with modest means) can travel to Mars and it can be done from the comfort of any local VFXYZ Virtual Travel Center.Mars vacation packages are both fast and affordable, since the six-week experience lasts only a couple of hours in reality time.Travelers will be treated to first class services en route to Mars and luxury accommodations upon arrival to theVFXYZ Mars Resort (biosphere).Travelers are encouraged to hike one of the many well-groomed Martian trails on foot and by speed rover during their stay at the VFXYZ Garden Resort.Virtual travel has never been more safe, fun or realistic— it’s better than the real thing!


The virtual reality chair is where the traveler will be physically seated in the real world for the entire experience.

ASSIGNMENT| Using Illustrator and After Effects, design the biometric screen animations for the HUD (Heads Up Display). It is important that the aesthetic fit with both the virtual reality visual language and also pair well with the chair design.


Possible measurements to track:

  • heart rate
  • respiration (breathing and oxygen levels)
  • air quality
  • level of comfort
  • map of area