portfolio site

Code a portfolio site using HTML & an external style sheet (CSS)


  • home page
  • about me page (or section)
  • resume
  • at least 4 projects

Site will be deployed on & hosted by gitHub

  • the folder name needs to be exactly yourusername.github.io
  • have a top level file called index.html
  • your styles in a .css file (or multiple .css files, organized in a way that makes sense to you)
  • a folder for any other resources (example: image folder, icons or graphics)



  • Properly indented html code
  • css that is readable and easy to follow along
  • Careful comments in the code that future developers (or yourself, in the future) can follow
  • Responsive, most likely using CSS grid
  • Has at least three views (ex. About me, portfolio samples, project description. These views can share a single page or be built at multiple .html files
  • Contains final resume with new styling to match your site
  • Have at least one interactive element


  • Shows research of effective portfolio sites
  • A clear hierarchy that allows the viewer to navigate content. This can be achieved through use of:
    • Font weight
    • Point size
    • White space
    • Indentation
    • Organization of content
    • Leading
  • No more than two fonts
  • Demonstrates the student’s unique voice as a designer
  • Considers the user and has clear interactive elements
  • Free of typos and typographic distractions
  • Typographic details are well-considered (proper use of guidelines provided in typographic details)

Notes for final presentation:

  • 7 minutes
  • Share user survey results, at least five surveys taken (ideally 10 – 15)
  • Case study: one piece of user feedback that you used to make the portfolio site for effective
  • How does the site celebrate your unique identity as an artist & designer?
  • What typographic decisions did you make that enhance the site?

Student examples Fall 2019 web type | Sarah Silva | Cameron Reese | Alison Simao | Tailyn Clark