Responsive Design

Build either a responsive web-based document that adjusts whether you are viewing it on a mobile or desktop device. This can either be a resume or a page of links, similar to a link tree . Students will use HTML & an external style sheet (css).


The files will be published to github

The folder will have a: 

  • have a file called index.html
  • style.css 
  • a folder for any other resources (example: image folder, icons or graphics)
  • A project description as a google doc titled “readme” that reviews the technologies used and important notes for the project (at least 2 paragraphs), successes and failures
  • wireframes posted as .jpeg files



  • Properly indented html code
  • css that is readable and easy to follow along
  • Careful comments in the code that future developers can follow
  • Responsive, either using CSS Grid


  • Shows research of effective resume styles
  • A clear hierarchy that allows the viewer to navigate content. This can be achieved through use of:
    • Font weight
    • Point size
    • White space
    • Indentation
    • Organization of content
    • Leading
  • No more than two fonts
  • Demonstrates the student’s unique voice as a designer
  • Free of typos and typographic distractions