User personas

digital worksheet

Research three types of users that might be coming to your site. So far we have mostly been taking about one potential user that might be coming to your site, someone that is looking to hire you for a job. But that is most likely a handful of people within each calendar year. The hope is to drive far more traffic than that to your site.

Think about other types of users that might come to your site. It could be other people that work in the same medium as you that are coming to your site for inspiration. Or maybe you run a club on campus and your site can act as a gathering space for pictures from your archive, or information about upcoming events. A past student had previously created content pf make up tutorials on youtube and used a portion of their site to display their videos in a unique and engaging format.

Think about who else the the audience for your site and make profiles of them. What are they looking for on your site? What content are they looking for and how do they find that content? Identity at least three different types of potential users. Next you analyze your user personas in more details. This will help ensure that your site meets their needs and expectations.