Virtual Critique

For critique documentation, the VML Lab currently has:

Virtual Critiques

Image/Media Critique Documentation

Visual & Media Literacy Hub (VML Hub) located in CVPA – Room 257. We support students and faculty with image and media creation and documentation.

On-Campus Documentation Tools

  • 2D documentation
    • Copy stand
    • Large scale scanners
    • Tethered camera and video camera
    • Image & video capturing and editing station with Adobe Suite Applications
  • 360 documentation
    • Motorize turntable that holds 3D objects up to 50lbs
    • Tethered camera and video camera
    • Image & video capturing and editing station
    • Adobe Suite & Photo stitching applications
  • 3D documentation
    • iPad and 3D camera
    • Stereographic Camera
    • 360 degree Camera 

Best Practices and Tutorials for Image and Media Documentation of Work

  • best practices for home photography (add link)
  • file management (files are huge

Three formats for holding reviews/critique: 

Small group reviews (suggested)

  • groups of 6 or less
    • create breakout rooms on zoom
      • students can “raise hand” while in breakout rooms
      • professor can go from room to room
    • a channel on slack  can be used alongside breakout rooms, as the breakout chat rooms on zoom have limited functionality
    • faculty member can bounce from room to room, announced or unannounced

Large group reviews

Consider only meeting around three times as a whole group. Calls with that many people can be technically challenging and raise accessibility concerns. Spread these large meetings throughout the semester

1:1 reviews/checkins

  • you can ask students via chat or polling if they want to meet 1:1
  • helpful to meet around midterms and submit a midterm grade
  • quick hallway conversations now become 10 – 15 min zoom calls